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Hydraulic trimming press is an industrial machine utilized for cutting, trimming, and stamping processes. It employs hydraulic power and a compact 4-post structure, primarily used for die cutting or removing burrs from die castings. The entire body is made of high-quality low carbon steel, with the four columns coated in hard chrome alloy. The inclusion of internationally top-tier components and exceptional craftsmanship guarantees the machine’s lifespan of several decades, allowing it to operate continuously and stably under high-temperature and high-load conditions. All pipes, flanges, and joints are designed to prevent vibrations and leaks. The hydraulic system is mounted on top to save floor space. Both the upper slide and the worktable are equipped with T-slots for mold installation, and optional hydraulic center ejection is available. The trimming press achieves a positioning accuracy can reach 0.01mm, combined with a high-frequency hydraulic response system, ensuring high-speed and precise workpiece processing.

The Lexson series of Trimming Presses, renowned for their simplicity, precision, efficiency, and exceptionally extended operational lifespans, have been exported to over 40 countries. They find extensive application in the trimming of various materials, including metal die-castings, rubber, automotive components, aerospace industry, and more.

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Hydraulic Trimming Press

Our trimming press is driven by a servo motor and is equipped with world-class components. Advanced control algorithms ensure fast and precise processing, significantly reducing the scrap rate and ensuring high-quality, burr-free trimming results.


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Machine Main Features

Additional services

Offering customized solutions for trimming presses.

Integratable automatic feeding system, integratable robotic arm.

Providing comprehensive trimming die solutions.

Trimming Press Structure

Our hydraulic trimming press has a modern appearance and compact four-column design for convenient loading and unloading of dies or tools. The frame is made through integral welding process, with a small footprint. The machine body undergoes heat treatment, sandblasting, and shot blasting processes. The spacious worktable and long stroke are suitable for accommodating large workpieces. Dual hydraulic main columns ensure even pressure distribution, guaranteeing smoother cutting edges. Depending on requirements, 2-4-sided metal safety guards can be configured, with optional pneumatic safety guards.

The bed of Lexson’s trimming press series undergoes finite element analysis to ensure minimal deformation under hydraulic pressure. It exhibits surface fatigue resistance, resistance to alternating loads, and wear resistance, making it suitable for continuous operation under high-temperature conditions.

trimming presses

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor

Our trimming press utilizes the permanent magnet synchronous servo motor imported from Italy by PHYSIS, saving 50% of electricity, reducing noise by 50%, and generating lower heat. Servo motors have become the industry’s preferred choice, adjusting energy consumption based on demand during operation. In our long-term validation, it has demonstrated superior control performance and stability, ensuring that the trimming press can operate under high loads for extended periods.

physis pm servo motor

Control System

The Lexson series trimming press is equipped with Siemens PLC and a high-definition touchscreen from Germany, along with servo drives from the high-end Chinese brand Inovance. It features optimized pressing algorithms designed specifically for trimming presses, ensuring more even force distribution during cutting or edge removal, resulting in precise and smooth trimming.

  • 10-inch high-definition color screen.
  • The control system integrates with the hydraulic system, electrical system, various monitoring devices, and sensors to form a closed-loop control.
  • Multiple program storage options, capable of storing tens of thousands of programs.
  • Provision for robot interface.
  • The control system is specially optimized for various trimming press applications.


The ram and worktable of Lexson series hydraulic trimming presses are both equipped with T-slots for the installation of dies. The body is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, serving not only as a working platform but also as a cornerstone for precision machining. Their outstanding parallelism and premium materials allow them to maintain long-lasting and reliable operation even under high loads.

t slots

Hydraulic System

Our hydraulic trimming press’s hydraulic system primarily originates from Germany. It comprises a quiet hydraulic pump, hydraulic valves, a water-cooled heat exchanger, pressure gauge, oil tank, oil filters, and air filters, among other components. It provides precise control and long-term stable performance. With a modular design and minimal piping, it significantly reduces the possibility of oil leakage.

  • Specially designed to prevent oil leaks and insensitive to oil contamination.
  • Equipped with a water-cooled heat exchanger.
  • Hydraulic valve groups from Bosch Rexroth in Germany.
  • Hydraulic seals from SKF in Austria, offering excellent sealing and durability.
  • Hydraulic pumps from ECKERLE in Germany, known for their quiet operation and precise control.
trimming press hydraulic valve

Electrical Cabinet

The Lexson series trimming press is equipped with electrical components from Schneider Electric in France, ensuring excellent stability and safety.

  • NEMA-style electrical cabinet.
  • Cabinet door interlock switch.
  • Two debris-resistant cooling fans (inlet and outlet).
trimming press electrical

Monitoring and Sensors

Here is a partial list of monitoring and sensor components for our trimming press, ensuring proper feedback and adjustments during edge cutting.

  • GIVI linear displacement sensors from Italy.
  • GEFRAN pressure feedback sensors from Italy.
  • SMC pressure regulators from Japan.

Safety Measures

Our Trimming press is equipped with a safety light curtain, covering the entry and exit points of the workpiece, with the option to add mechanical safety sensor for further safety guards. The metal safety guard meets the CE standard and is perforated with a mesh design to facilitate observation of the workpiece processing. We are well-versed in the export standards of multiple countries and can customize your trimming press safety system based on the safety standards of different regions and countries.

  • CE standard metal safety guards, with the option of pneumatic safety guards.
  • Enhance machine safety by incorporating locking cylinders from SMC(Japan).
  • Two-hand start buttons, with the option of American Banner optical buttons.
  • Emergency stop buttons located at the front and rear of the machine.
  • Tricolor indication lights (green/yellow/red) and a buzzer indicate safe operations.
  • Safety light curtains covering the feeding area, compliant with CAT4 standards.


Trimming Press is an industrial machine used in manufacturing to cut, stamp, or trim materials such as metal die castings, plastic, rubber, and more. It typically applies high pressure between the dies and the workpiece using hydraulic power to trim and flatten any excess edges on the workpiece.

The price of our trimming press varies significantly based on different configuration requirements. We offer multiple options to choose from. For more details and to obtain the most competitive price, please click the button below.

The trimming press can be used for various types of metal die-castings, plastics, foam, rubber, etc., covering industries such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, and construction. It is most commonly employed for die-castings made of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc materials.

  1. We are a hydraulic press manufacturer at the source, with a complete industry chain layout, making us more competitively priced.
  2. Our strict quality control ensures that each machine undergoes a rigorous one-week testing process before leaving the factory.
  3. We have accumulated over thirty years of experience in the hydraulic press industry.
  4. Each of our hydraulic presses is specially optimized for specific industry applications and undergoes extensive validation as a mature product. For example, the control system and pressing algorithms of this trimming press have been specially fine-tuned, making it a true industry-specific machine.
  5. Our pre-sales and after-sales services are mature, with rapid response times, and we provide global maintenance services.
  6. Our machines can meet your customization needs, providing comprehensive and tailored solutions from all angles.

Based on the specific requirements, machine production typically takes about 3-6 weeks from order confirmation to machine completion and testing.

We use a water-cooled heat exchanger. Cold water circulates inside the heat exchanger, while heated oil flows through the oil channel within the exchanger. The water removes heat from the oil.

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