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Our puzzle dies utilize world-class brand blades and wood bases, primarily sourced from Austria, Japan, and Finland. Through automated precision machinery production combined with manual tuning, as well as a comprehensive acceptance testing process and exquisite craftsmanship, the consistency of our products’ quality is ensured.

With over two decades of experience in the puzzle industry, we are capable of producing puzzle dies ranging from 10 to 4,000 pieces. The materials cut include cardboard, foam board, plastic sheets, and wood, with die precision controlled between 0.01 – 0.05mm. Our products can withstand hundreds of thousands to millions of cutting operations.

We are not only manufacturers of puzzle dies but also of puzzle machines. Thus, our dies are closely tailored to the needs of puzzle manufacturers, making us the long-term partner of top puzzle manufacturers in over forty countries.

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Custom Puzzle Die

The shape, size, thickness, number of puzzle pieces, and design of the puzzle die can all be customized according to your requirements.

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Puzzle Die Details

Wooden Base | Metal Base

We use Finnish maple plywood or birch plywood, which are highly regarded for their durability and water resistance, suitable for demanding industrial applications. They are easy to cut and carve, thus perfect for use in puzzle dies.

  • Strong structure, excellent flatness, not prone to deformation.
  • High load-bearing capacity, can withstand heavy cutting pressure.
  • Smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface.
  • Long service life, strong water resistance.
  • Wood base can be reused multiple times.
  • Wide range of customization, capable of customizing wood bases for 10-4000 piece puzzles.
  • Optional metal base for increased durability, can be reused multiple times.


Our puzzle die use high-quality blades from Austria’s BOHLER or Japan’s TSUKATANI. These blades have demonstrated excellent stability and efficiency in cutting puzzles during our long-term evaluations. Blades are available in 1.05mm (3PT), 0.71mm (2PT), and 0.53mm (1PT).

  • Austrian BOHLER blades are known for their durability and cutting performance, making them one of the best choices for puzzle dies, combining cutting capability with longevity.
  • Japanese TSUKATANI is renowned for its high precision and sharpness, particularly suitable for applications requiring fine cutting. Its high-end materials and solid craftsmanship make it highly popular. Under the same pressure, its cutting capability is the strongest.
  • Ensures burr-free cuts in one go.
  • Under high-frequency use, it maintains extremely low maintenance needs.
  • Ensures minimal damage to the blade during bending.
  • Blades undergo multiple anti-rust treatments.
puzzle die blade

Ejection Rubber

Our puzzle dies utilize high-quality ejection rubber from Germany or China.

  • Compression ratio can reach over 70%.
  • Made from top-grade synthetic rubber, providing excellent durability and elastic recovery.
  • Uniform elasticity ensures complete ejection of both the die and the puzzles.
steel rule die ejection rubber

Puzzle Die Design

Our main designers have over 15 years of experience in puzzle design or production, are familiar with various puzzle processes, and provide professional design support. We can design solutions based on customer needs with the highest efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive customization of dies based on your needs, or mature solutions designed by us.
  • Dies designed for quick replacement to reduce downtime.
  • Dies can be designed based on puzzle material, with mature solutions available for various types including cardboard puzzles, wood puzzles, plastic puzzles, magnet puzzles, foam (EVA) puzzles, metal puzzles, and more.
  • Dies designed according to puzzle structures, offering mature solutions for standard shapes, irregular shapes, random shapes, 3D puzzles, double-sided puzzles, borderless puzzles, inlay puzzles, etc.
steel rule die cad

Puzzle Die Processing

Our technical staff average over ten years of experience, equipped with the most advanced blade bending equipment, laser cutting, and other devices, ensuring the best finished puzzle die products. Capable of high-speed, large volume delivery. Whether for large-scale industrial production or small-batch craftsmanship, we ensure precise and perfect fitting of every puzzle piece.
  • Each product undergoes ultrasonic scanning inspection.
  • Each product undergoes acceptance testing by three technicians.
  • Each product undergoes press testing with a puzzle press.
steel rule die testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Our puzzle die, also known as a puzzle steel rule die, is a mainstream industrial production die consisting of steel blades, ejection rubber pads, and a wooden base. They offer a great cost-performance ratio, high precision, and longevity, particularly suitable for mass production of puzzles.

Our puzzle die can cover materials such as cardboard, wood, plastic, magnetic, EVA, and more.

The cutting frequency typically ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of times.

The delivery time depends on the number of pieces and the complexity of the puzzle. Typically, dies for a few dozen pieces can be completed the same day, while 1000, 2000, and 3000 piece puzzle dies usually take 5, 9, and 12 days respectively.

10 reviews for Puzzle Die

  1. Gregory Adams

    good job

  2. Paul Hernandez

    Impressed by the accuracy and sharpness of these puzzle dies. Worth every penny!

  3. Kevin Lewis

    The precision is unmatched.

  4. William Brown

    The puzzle dies are incredibly precise and made my puzzle-making process a breeze.

  5. Jeff Clark

    The cuts are perfect, and the tool is extremely reliable

  6. Edward Martinez

    This jigsaw puzzle die has made my puzzle-making process much more efficient. It’s well worth the investment

  7. Eric Walker

    It cuts cleanly and has made my work much more efficient.

  8. Joseph Thomas

    The best dies I’ve ever used.

  9. Brian Wilson

    Thank you, LEO.

  10. Ryan Lee

    The puzzle die is sharp, durable, and makes perfect cuts every time.

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