NC Hydraulic Press Brake

Our NC hydraulic press brake machine is synchronized with twisted axes, also known as torsion-sync hydraulic press brake. It is an economic type press brake, with a competitive price. It has a simple structure yet offers high accuracy, which minimizes the number of piping connections. This press brake is widely recognized for its high cost-effectiveness, while still meeting the requirements of most machining scenarios.

With Cybelec’s Cybtouch 8 Controller and its user-friendly interface, bending becomes a simple task. Fitted with a three-axis NC controller, namely the Y-axis, X-axis, and R-axis, with repeat positioning accuracy of 0.01mm. With its versatility, this hydraulic press brake handles a wide range of workpieces, including small, thin pieces, and medium-sized pieces with thick plates.

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Hydraulic Press Brake | Torsion Bar Press Brake

WC67K Econom Series

Our NC hydraulic press brake machine offers exceptional accuracy, a user-friendly interface, and competitive pricing, making it a reliable solution for your bending needs. Whether you are working with thin or thick materials, this machine guarantees exceptional performance and efficiency. By state-of-the-art technology, our NC hydraulic Press Brake stands out as an economical choice for professionals in the industry.

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Hydraulic Press Brake Structure

Compact machine body design, occupying minimal space. Modern machine body design. Our NC hydraulic press brake machine body adopts a three-plate structure with two C-frame frameworks on the sides. The welded box-type bed structure design, heavy side frames, and steel torsion bar ensure maximum strength and rigidity of the machine body.

Our factory has its own precision machine tool processing center, equipped with a large number of modern precision machine tools that not only ensure the quality of the machine body but also achieve cost advantages unmatched by other manufacturers.

  • The machine body frame is constructed using integrated welding and top-notch welding craftsmanship, ensuring the stability of the machine body during operation.
  • The worktable is made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant carbon tool steel, ensuring minimal wear and long service life.
  • Our hydraulic press brake undergoes rust removal with sandblasting and is coated with anti-rust paint.
velxun press brake back

Shot blasting, top-notch welding craftsmanship, high-strength steel material.

Cybelec 8 controller

Originating from Switzerland, Cybelec’s CybTouch 8 is specifically developed for synchronized NC hydraulic press brake. CybTouch 8 is a mature CNC system that ensures high precision and stability in sheet metal processing while maintaining a user-friendly operating interface. Our control system (TI Velxun) is specifically tailored using Cybelec’s CybTouch 8, incorporating high-performance chips from Texas Instruments (TI). Moreover, the algorithms have been meticulously optimized to meet the unique requirements of our machines.

  • The standard configuration is 3 axes, namely X+Y+R axes. Optional X+Y axis.
  • It features an intuitive and high-contrast color touch screen and highly integrated functionality.
  • Angle, pressure management.  Automatic angle correction.
  • Programming capability for multiple bending cycles and achieving efficient batch production.
  • Our hydraulic press brake provides the alternative of selecting DELEM’s CNC control system.
cybelec 8 control system

Easy-to-use programming features for multi-step bending operations.


Velxun’s NC hydraulic press brake features a high-speed backgauge sourced from Taiwan Hiwin, incorporating a precision recirculating ball screw and linear guide rail. This advanced design ensures X and R axis positioning error is reduced to ± 0.01 mm. This level of precision allows for the production of complex and intricate parts with tight tolerances, meeting the stringent requirements of various industries. Our hydraulic press brake allows operators to easily program desired dimensions, positions, and sequences, reducing the learning curve and minimizing errors.

  • Programmable NC back gauge with variable speed.
  • Linear guides and ball screws are highly durable and require low maintenance.
  • Suitable for workpieces that require precise bending with multiple steps.
  • Standard configuration X+R axes.
  • Driven by servo motor.
  • Positioning accuracy ± 0.01 mm.

Smooth operation and ultra-low failure rate.

Hydraulic Components

Our NC hydraulic press brake’s hydraulic system components are sourced from top-tier brands worldwide. The hydraulic valves are from Bosch Rexroth in Germany, and the hydraulic pumps are from Sunny in the United States. Our hydraulic system features an integrated structure, ensuring minimal oil leakage risks with the lowest number of pipeline connections.

Velxun’s hydraulic press brake is designed for precision sheet metal processing. Y-axis synchronization with a tolerance of 0.005mm is achieved by implementing optical linear scales on both sides.

hydraulic valve and hydraulic pump

Quick response.

Schneider Electrical Components

Velxun’s hydraulic press brake adopts Schneider electrical components, renowned for their high quality and reliability in the industry. Equipped with a dual-channel safety relay.

Our hydraulic press brake includes features such as short-circuit protection, overload protection, and fault detection systems, ensuring the safe operation of operators and minimizing the risk of accidents.


High quality and reliability.

Easy Clamping System

Our hydraulic press brake’s easy clamping system with a high level of stability enhances the repeatability and consistency of the production process, resulting in high-quality, uniform bends across multiple workpieces.

  • Operator-Friendly Design.
  • Safety and Durable.
  • Simple push-button loading, one-key release fast clamp.
  • Secure against tools falling down.
easy clamping

Durability and longevity.

The issues you care about

The full name of this series of machines is "NC torsion-sync hydraulic press brake," but a more concise term for it is "NC hydraulic press brake." "Torsion-sync" refers to the synchronous mechanism of the machine.

Torsion-sync Press Brake is categorized of hydraulic press brake based on its working principle and control system, which utilizes a torsion bar system for synchronizing the movement of the ram and the bending beam. Due to its relatively simple structure, it is a more economical choice compared to electro-hydraulic servo press brakes.

We position the Torsion-sync Hydraulic Press Brake as a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and performance, which is an essential machine for various industries involved in metal fabrication and bending operations. It is our most cost-effective choice in the press brake category and can cater to the majority of sheet metal processing scenarios. It is particularly well-suited for small to medium-scale operations and cost-sensitive start-up enterprises.up enterprises.

The CNC system of this machine is designed to be user-friendly, allowing operators to go from basic usage to becoming proficient within typically a week. If the operator has prior experience with press brakes or similar machinery, the learning process may be quicker.

We offer a one-year warranty for the entire machine.

  • It is well-known that China is the center of global manufacturing, and our factory is located in Dongguan, the core of China's manufacturing sector, and our factory is located in the heart of China's manufacturing sector in Dongguan. This region has a more complete industrial chain and a comprehensive range of industrial solutions.
  • Our factory has been established for over thirty years, forming a close cooperation with upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain, which enables us to achieve cost advantages that other press brake manufacturers cannot.
  • Moreover, we have our own machine tool processing center, where a large number of precision intelligent machine tools help produce machinery from scratch, saving a significant amount of processing costs.
  • Our substantial R&D staff is dedicated to improving machine performance while reducing costs, fostering a sustainable development for the company in the long term.
Model Nominal Pressure (ton) Length of Workbench (mm) Distance between Housings (mm) Throat Depth (mm) Stroke (mm) Ram Downward Speed (mm/s) Ram Word Speed (mm/s) Ram Return Trip Speed (mm/s) Open Height (mm) Weight (kg) Machine Size (mm)
35T/1300 35 1300 1090 230 100 160 16 160 385 2300 1550x1500x2250
40T/1500 40 1500 1160 255 120 160 16 160 420 3000 1700x1700x2300
50T/1500 50 1500 1160 255 120 160 16 160 420 3500 1700x1700x2300
50T/2000 50 2000 1670 255 120 160 16 160 420 4000 2250x1700x2300
63T/2500 63 2500 2050 255 120 150 16 150 420 6000 2700x1700x2400
80T/2500 80 2500 2050 255 120 150 16 150 420 6500 2700x1700x2400
110T/3200 110 3200 2700 320 160 150 16 150 450 8000 3500x1700x2600
130T/3200 130 3200 2700 320 160 150 16 150 450 8500 3500x1700x2600
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