C Frame Hydraulic Press

Our custom C frame hydraulic press is a highly efficient, multifunctional industrial device, designed to meet complex, precision processing demands, also known as a single-arm(gap frame) hydraulic press . The Lexson series significantly optimizes space utilization, combining excellent body stability with a relatively low purchase cost. It uses the latest engineering technology and a modern appearance, providing minimal stroke deflection, making it one of our best-selling models.

C frame hydraulic presses are widely used in punching, stamping, trimming, press fitting, assembly, straightening, riveting, and other scenarios. The industries served include electronics manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, home appliances, and more. Our professional team will design and manufacture the most suitable hydraulic press solution for you, to meet unique and high-standard demands.

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Custom C Frame Hydraulic Press


Components of C Frame Hydraulic Press

We only use the best components in the industry
c type press

Hydraulic Columns:

hydraulic press column

Four high-strength chrome-plated columns ensure low-wear operation for millions of cycles.

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Siemens Control Center:

siemens touchscreen

Equipped with Siemens touch panels and PLCs for a reliable, comprehensive control experience.

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c frame hydraulic press workbench

A workbench with parallel precision of ±0.01mm, optionally equipped with T-slots, a middle ejector cylinder, a movable workbench, a heated workbench, and more.

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Electrical Cabinet:

hydraulic press electrical componentMainly equipped with Schneider electric components from France. 5 of 8

Large Hydraulic Oil Cooler:

The large oil cooler ensures stable operation of the machine and extends its service life.

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Hydraulic Valve Group:

modular hydraulic valve

Equipped with modular hydraulic valve groups from Bosch Rexroth, Germany, for precise flow control, minimizing pipe connections and leakage.

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Motor and Hydraulic Pump:

physis servo motors

Equipped with the latest generation of Italian PHYSIS servo motors and German ECKERLE silent oil pumps, providing a top-tier power source for the C frame hydraulic press.

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Application Scenarios

Assembly and Press fitting

The stable and precise pressure provided by the C frame hydraulic press makes it ideal for fitting bearings, gears, wheel studs, etc., especially in applications requiring precise pressure control, thanks to its 0.01mm processing accuracy.


The C frame hydraulic press can perform complex stamping operations, such as forming, shearing, and indenting.

Punching and Blanking

The open-frame design allows for easy placement and removal of materials, making it commonly used for punching and blanking on metal plates or parts, conveniently accommodating medium to long workpieces.


The C frame hydraulic press is also commonly used for trimming, a relatively low-cost and efficient solution for trimming medium and small castings.


Frequently used for metal forming, especially in the field of medium and small metal compression molding, or converting flat metal into 3D parts.


The C frame hydraulic press provides minimal stroke deflection, thus applications such as straightening, embossing, imprinting, riveting, etc., also frequently utilize it.

C-Frame Hydraulic Press Details

Machine Body

Our C frame hydraulic press uses a compact, integrated body, offering excellent rigidity. It is very easy to install, use, and maintain, with good flexibility, allowing workpieces to be inserted from three sides. Super-large bushings are used on four chrome-plated columns to enhance punch guidance and stability, significantly reducing deflection.
  • Tonnage range from 10 tons to 800 tons (special quotes available for larger tonnages).
  • Custom dimensions and speeds according to demand.
c frame hydraulic press body

Hydraulic and Power System

The Lexson series C frame hydraulic press is equipped with world-class brand power system components, meeting high complexity, high precision processing needs while being energy-efficient. The hydraulic pipeline system is reliably sealed without leaks. The pipeline connection of the C frame hydraulic press adopts flange connection, with neatly arranged pipelines. Both the pipelines and the interior of the oil tank have undergone thorough rust removal and cleaning treatment.
  • Equipped with the German Bosch Rexroth hydraulic valves, offering excellent stability, lower risk of oil leakage.
  • Equipped with PHYSIS servo motors from Italy for noise reduction and energy savings of over 50%, ensuring higher accuracy.
  • Equipped with the Chinese INOVANCE servo drive, providing accurate control and drive, faster response, higher efficiency.
  • Equipped with ECKERLE hydraulic pumps from Germany for top-tier hydraulic oil flow control performance and quieter operation.

Control Panel and Monitoring Sensors

Our C frame hydraulic press is equipped with German and Italian first-line brands for control panels and sensors, forming a full closed-loop control with the power system. Achieves precise control settings and real-time data monitoring.
  • Equipped with the German SIEMENS or Taiwanese WEINTEK smart touch screen, top-level control system experience, and comprehensive monitoring.
  • Equipped with GIVI linear grating rulers from Italy, with accuracy up to ±0.005mm.
  • Equipped with the Italian GEFRAN pressure sensor.
  • Equipped with alarms for oil temperature, filter blockage, and other abnormalities.
  • Equipped with liquid level control relay and liquid level observation window.

Workbench (Multiple Types Available)

Our C frame hydraulic press can be equipped with various types of worktables to meet different processing needs. All of this is designed for high-standard customization demands.
  • T-slot (optional).
  • Movable workbench(optional).
  • Heated workbench(optional).
  • Middle ejector cylinder (optional).
c frame hydraulic press workbench

Electrical Components

The Lexson series C frame hydraulic press is equipped with French Schneider electrical components. They feature high-level NEMA standard electrical cabinets, providing excellent stability and safety.
  • Equipped with German Siemens PLC, offering top-level control performance.
  • Effectively prevents damage to electrical components from environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
  • Emergency stop circuit, using dual-channel monitored safety relays.
  • Equipped with an electrical cabinet thermal management system.
schneider electrical component


The C frame hydraulic press is named for its appearance, which closely resembles the letter C. It has an open structure, facilitating the placement of workpieces. Its design ensures perfect alignment between the punch and the die, producing consistent and precise parts. It is a widely used type of hydraulic press.
Our machines are customizable to specific needs, including tonnage, speed, size, different types of worktables, and various application scenarios.

It offers fast speed, high precision, and is relatively cost-effective.

The precision of our machines is ±0.01mm.
C frame hydraulic presses are versatile, suitable for operations such as stamping, punching, molding, straightening, assembly, etc., suitable for metals, plastics, composites, and other materials.
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