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Lexson is a leader in China’s custom hydraulic press manufacturer. After Velxun’s acquisition of 75% of Lexson’s shares in 2001, the strengths of both companies are combined to further enhance the cost-effectiveness of the machines. Our hydraulic press always uses the best components and materials in the world, providing customers with long-term and efficient solutions.

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Trimming Press

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Puzzle Making Machine

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Heated Platen Press

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C Frame Hydraulic Press

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4-Post Hydraulic Press

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Stamping Press


Custom Hydraulic Press FAQ

In 2001, Velxun acquired a 75% stake in Lexson, one of China's leading custom hydraulic press manufacturers. After the acquisition, Lexson became an important series under Velxun, known for its cost-effective hydraulic presses, which are sold in more than 40 countries.

Firstly, we are a factory direct sales company, with no middlemen involved to mark up prices. Our hydraulic presses adopt top-tier components and premium body materials in the industry. Each machine in the Lexson series is designed for decades of use. Our comprehensive safety system can be adjusted to comply with various safety regulations. 
Furthermore, we have deepened our presence in the industry for many years, accumulating a wealth of experience, and have become one of the leading high-end custom hydraulic manufacturers in China. We have also served as OEM manufacturers for many industry giants. In summary, our machines offer the best choice for all customers to achieve long-term benefits, ensuring safe and prolonged usage.

Our hydraulic presses are custom-made, and all aspects, including stroke, pressure, appearance, components, safety requirements, etc., can be customized. We have established long-term partnerships with top hydraulic component suppliers from both domestic and international markets, allowing you to purchase high-end configurations at a mid-range price.

Our machines are customized based on your specific requirements, and the pricing is determined accordingly. If you have any questions or specific needs, please click the button below to request a quote, and we will provide a quotation within 12 hours.

The complete machine comes with a one-year warranty, while the machine body frame is covered by a three-year warranty. Within the warranty period, all damaged components will be replaced free of charge. For products that are out of warranty, we still offer worldwide repair services at a fee. 

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